1. Food is not only a basic necessity for human survival, but also a way to ensure the sovereignty of a country. More agricultural investment means higher agricultural production levels and therefore higher inventory. This also means less foreign exchange spent on imports from abroad. We encourage agricultural investment, because it is safer for people and investment in the country, as it protects national efforts, particularly in time of war or famine.
2. Consumption of food is rising and there is a steady increase cash crop product. India and China, the two most densely populated countries in the world are adding more middle-class families that are moving up and spend more on food. It is believed that the people of both countries have doubled per capita consumption over the last decade. It draws people from around the world will consume 3 times more than what it is today.
3. High quality soil becomes the right fit-for-farmland rare commodity more expensive. If you are planning to agricultural investments in the form of land, I would personally recommend this because arable land is in short supply right now. This shortage is becoming more acute in the near future and if you have even a part of it, should be able to make a decent profit by investing in it. Another advantage is bank loans for agricultural land comes at discounted rates with fewer formalities to follow. You will also benefit from agricultural investments, subsidies from the state and central government related. Profits from investments in agriculture generally are not taxed.
4. You have a wide range of innovative, conceptual and implementation in agricultural activities. Although you might be tempted to believe that it is essential to have large tracts of land to achieve economies of scale in agricultural investments the facts are otherwise. At least 25 cents farmlands are basically owns and operates.