Proceed with Arthas and the footmen east out of camp and you'll run into a group of dwarves who are hunting a black dragon named Searinox. The four World of Warcraft join you, and you can then optionally set off to slay the dragon. If you want to do so, head further east until you find a cave. Inside the cave, you'll find a few lesser dragons that your World of Warcraft can deal with in short order. Once you find Searinox at the back of the cave, your job will get a little tougher. Searinox, a fairly strong level-eight monster, raises skeletons for WOW WoTLK Classic Gold Arthas and the footmen to deal with. The World of Warcraft must concentrate their fire on the dragon himself. Make sure you heal your World of Warcraft since they'll be sustaining pretty heavy damage from Searinox. After he's defeated, pick up the heart and take it back to the dwarf camp, where you'll receive an orb of fire (which gives Arthas a damage bonus) and access to a blacksmith so you can upgrade your weapons and armor and build World of Warcraft from the barracks.

The blademaster's sacrificial pit is already visible in the northeast corner of your map, so head in that direction with your forces. You'll meet some resistance from grunts, raiders, and headhunters, but they won't pose too buy WoTLK Classic Gold much trouble, especially if you've upgraded at the blacksmith and made a few extra troops. Continue on to the blademaster, who you can knock out quickly, to end the mission.

3. Ravages of the Plague

Having left behind the orcish threat for the time being, Arthas' next task is to escort his friend, the sorceress Jaina Proudmoore, as she travels northward to investigate the strange and possibly magical plague that is infecting Lordaeron. As the mission begins, Arthas and a small band of troops meet Jaina on the road leading north.

Walk-Through As in the first chapter, you begin this mission with only a handful of troops and no method of reinforcing them. That's OK, though, because the enemies in this area are generally quite weak. The newest addition to your arsenal is Jaina and her archmage abilities. She starts with water elemental, which produces a useful water golem that provides extra support in combat. As she levels up, make sure to have her learn blizzard, which is effective against masses of lesser enemies like the ones you'll soon be facing.

You'll have to circumvent the smashed bridge. Head north.

This chapter is pretty straightforward and linear. Simply follow the path laid out before you and you'll soon encounter a village under siege by bandits. Take out the bandits to receive a healing potion, and then continue on to discover that the town bridge has been demolished from the other side, leaving the townspeople scratching their heads. You'll have to find another way across, so continue northward. On the way, a villager will tell you about a legendary fountain of health located somewhere nearby. This will add the optional fountain of health quest to your quest list.

Continue to follow the path. Trudge through the swamp and fight the resident merlocs until you reach dry land. You'll discover a village being attacked by a mass of animated skeletons. Your footmen will gain the defend ability at this time, which greatly reduces the damage they take from ranged attacks. Turn it on to help them against the skeletal archers. After you defeat the skeletons, continue west. You'll see the path split off to the south, so you can head a bit further west to find the fountain of health and let your troops heal or simply proceed south to advance the mission.

The plague has already reached this area.

When you come upon the diseased grain, Arthas and Jaina realize that the food supply may be spreading the plague and determine that the town granary must be destroyed. Continue on toward the end of town, where the grain warehouse is located, and you'll gain the help of two priests, who can heal your troops, and a mortar team, which is the powerful human siege unit. Continue to use defend, holy light, and water elemental and you'll have no difficulty dispatching the skeleton hordes. You can head south of the place you encountered the mortar team to find a mantle of intelligence for Jaina. When you reach the warehouse, you'll catch a glimpse of the necromancer Kel'Thuzad and his minions. He sets skeletons and a hideous Frankenstein-like monster called an abomination after your troops and then flees. After you deal with the menace, you can attack the grain warehouse. Be wary, though, because a horde of ghouls will descend from the fields to attack you. Dispatch these fairly weak foes and finish off the grain warehouse to end the mission.