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    Challenging Organic Farming

    The truth about organic foods gives customers a full explanation and straight-forward as to why organic foods offer no real benefits of health and safety. Most importantly, Avery communicate though lower yields and dependence few organic farming organic fertilizers pose a potential threat to forests, wetlands and grasslands of the world. The book provides sound scientific evidence that more affordable conventional food is healthier for families and good management of nature.
    Skimming Mr. Avery's book, find a statement that shows:
    1. Organic farming began in 1920, when a German mystic advised using only manure as synthetic fertilizers have not cosmic energy.
    2. Soon fertilized decision-miss had better produce.
    3. J. I. Rodale first published Organic Gardening Magazine him in 1942, as well as organic farming / organic gardening movement is named.
    4. In 2007, organic farming advocates no credible science to support their belief.
    5. Organic farming to avoid pesticides. About 5 percent of the weight of a vegetable is natural pesticides, which cause some cancers.
    6. If organic farming, which condemns synthetic fertilizers, is selected on conventional agriculture, we will have a choice. We can kill millions of people to reduce global food needs, or we can sacrifice Habitat for wildlife worth millions of square kilometers, so that we can produce more manure.

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    Interesting facts



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