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    any native English speakers in Barcelona wanting to make friends?

    Hi, I'm taking my CPE exam in June and I really need to practise my spoken English. I'm looking for native speakers in Barcelona to meet and chat. I thought that meeting someone that has the same interests as me would be more fun, that's why I'm posting this here instead of a "language exchange forum"
    thanks for reading!

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    Hi sappy, i was sing up in some webs, where u can practique u r english with natives english and other people which speak english.

    i really recommend u polyglotclub, there are a lot of people for speak english and a lot of others languages, i am learning german, and u can organize to live a days with native english, if u find them in that community. There r a lot of english, fraçais, chinnese, russians, puff, really a lot.


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    Hey! Hi! I am not a native of Barcelona, but I am from Spain, specifically Alicante.

    I have learned to speak English through the web. I recommend a website where you can make exchanges with different native speakers of different languages.

    I leave the web here:



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