As a scientist who chooses a plant-based diet, Jonathan Balcombe is not your typical biologist. In this riveting, richly-illustrated presentation, Balcombe reveals startling new discoveries in the realms of animal cognition and emotional complexity--from optimistic starlings, to choosy fishes, to dogs who object to unfair treatment. Balcombe explains how sentience--the capacity to feel--is the bedrock of ethics, and why the vegan lifestyle is the Holy Grail of personal activism for animals, the environment, and personal health.

Animal behavior expert Jonathan Balcombe is a passionate advocate for the protection of animals and their living spaces. He is the author of the best-selling Pleasurable Kingdom: Animals and the Nature of Feeling Good, available in five foreign editions, and Second Nature: The Inner Lives of Animals. Balcombe's message resonates with timely issues that affect everyone, including climate change, biodiversity, and personal health. A dynamic sought-after speaker, Balcombe has given invited presentations on six continents.