We don't usually send emails out, but this one is important and exciting!

The important thing is that we are trying to help our friends at the Bill Foundation Animal Rescue win a $250,000 donation, but we need YOUR HELP.

A couple of months ago you were able to help us win a brand new rescue vehicle, and we are so thankful. Today I am hoping we can repeat this success for this amazing group so they can continue rescuing so many animals.
The Bill Foundation helps Hope For Paws with fostering many of the dogs we save from life on the streets. You can see a few of the rescues we have done together here: http://www.youtube.com/eldad75 (a new video is coming up later on today).

As far as Fiona - something AMAZING is about to happen. We will be able to announce it in a few days, and it will be one of the most exciting events of the year!!! We just saw her the other day, and she is so happy to be alive and doing so well.

Please join my facebook page so you will be the first to know (before the whole country knows). The link to my page: http://www.facebook.com/eldad75

Before you do anything else today, please remember: The mission for today is to win this $250,000 donation to our friends at the Bill Foundation. Here are the instructions on how to get it done:

1-Click on http://bit.ly/RO2BWg

2-Login to facebook

3-Click on “Allow Application” for Chase CommunityGiving 
(you must allow app to vote)

4-Click on “Vote’ for the Bill Memorial Foundation

5-Sharethe link on your facebook, and by doing so, you will get an extra vote.

6-Chase bank customers get extra two votes as well. To use your customer appreciation votes, just go to www.chase.com/ChaseGiving, log in, search charities (Bill Memorial Foundation), and cast your ballots!

Together we can make it happen and help them help so many animals.

If you support Hope For Paws, please vote for the Bill Foundation.

Thank you so much!!!


Hope For Paws - Eldad Hagar