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    Soy Alert !!!

    Confused About Soy?--Soy Dangers Summarized
    • High levels of phytic acid in soy reduce assimilation of calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc. Phytic acid in soy is not neutralized by ordinary preparation methods such as soaking, sprouting and long, slow cooking. High phytate diets have caused growth problems in children.
    • Trypsin inhibitors in soy interfere with protein digestion and may cause pancreatic disorders. In test animals soy containing trypsin inhibitors caused stunted growth.
    • Soy phytoestrogens disrupt endocrine function and have the potential to cause infertility and to promote breast cancer in adult women.
    • Soy phytoestrogens are potent antithyroid agents that cause hypothyroidism and may cause thyroid cancer. In infants, consumption of soy formula has been linked to autoimmune thyroid disease.
    • Vitamin B12 analogs in soy are not absorbed and actually increase the body's requirement for B12.
    • Soy foods increase the body's requirement for vitamin D.
    • Fragile proteins are denatured during high temperature processing to make soy protein isolate and textured vegetable protein.
    • Processing of soy protein results in the formation of toxic lysinoalanine and highly carcinogenic nitrosamines.
    • Free glutamic acid or MSG, a potent neurotoxin, is formed during soy food processing and additional amounts are added to many soy foods.
    • Soy foods contain high levels of aluminum which is toxic to the nervous system and the kidneys.

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    Planeta eskoria!
    i dont really believe this.....

    the problem is not the soy, just the transgenic soy(and all genetically modified organisms)
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    Weston Price, take your Pseudo-Science Elsewhere

    People often view their nutritional viewpoints like a religion. They have a viewpoint and they attempt to defend it to the death, sometimes their own death. Nevertheless, the Weston Price Foundation promotes out-dated and bad science. If you review the data they attempt to promote their views with it is insulting to any real person interested in the science surrounding an issue. They take scientific-sounding positions about soy, meat, daily, butter, children’s feeding practice and much more and they distort the science, present a one-sided view and confuse the decision making. They and their followers promote a range of irresponsible and potentially dangerous ideas, including:

    Butter and butter oil are “super foods” that contain the “X factor” discovered by Weston Price.
    Glandular organ extracts from animals promote the health and healing of the corresponding human organs.
    Poached brains of animals should be added to other ground meats for better nutrition.
    Raw cow’s milk and meat broth should be fed to newborns who don’t breast-feed, rather than infant formula.
    Regular ingestion of clay (Azomite Mineral Powder) has detoxifying effects because the clay particles remove pathogens from the body.
    There are benefits to feeding sea salt to infants and babies.
    Fruits and vegetables should be limited in children’s diets.

    People should not be going to the Weston Price Foundation looking for nutritional guidance. They are not true scientists and neither are their defenders who spew negative and insulting comments here on DiseaseProof. A true scientist tests a theory without a pre-determined agenda and collects, not just the facts favorable to their position, but all the facts. [...]

    I rest my case.

    That article is pretty interesting, I particularly love this quote "The American diet promotes a premature death. Cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia are the result of nutritional stupidity."



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