Ver la versión completa : Elephant Escapes From Circus In Ireland (VIDEO, PICTURES)

30-mar-2012, 22:44
This is the moment a two-and-a-half ton elephant escaped from the circus - because he didn't want a shower.

Amateur video footage shows 40-year-old 'Baby' running through a car park in Blackpool, county Cork in Ireland, on Tuesday, after breaking through a barrier, with circus workers in hot pursuit.

The Asian elephant ran past a Costa coffee shop and through the packed car park as his minders attempted to control her but miraculously no damage was done to either vehicles or the shop.

The circus employees admitted to Irish TV station, RTE, that Baby, who is now safely back in the circus, ran off because he didn't fancy a scrub that day.

See more of Baby's great escape ni the video and slideshow below


31-mar-2012, 02:48

The baby elephant ran off because he didn't fancy a scrub that day...? Ummm, I´m not sure!

31-mar-2012, 09:47