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Vegano Barcelona
18-feb-2012, 23:27

We invite all the english community to share with us their point of view and advices in order to help us to improve in our effort of supporting the vegan and organic food for this planet and the animals(humans and no humans) that live within.

Paloma Nube
21-feb-2012, 09:42
Heya! I'm not english but I go to england every summer. There it is so easy to buy vegetarian/vegan food. This is my favourite http://www.quorn.com/ it's not available in spain but if somebody encharges it from a shop they may send it.

21-feb-2012, 14:02
Quorn products are not vegan, they have egg.

08-may-2012, 17:20
Hello, l'm not english either but l live in England. l think a good substitute to quorn in commercial products are the Linda MacCartney sausages. They have no eggs.
Also, there are some vegan cheeses. l send you a link but there are more:
l'm sure in the shop you'll have very good advice from the costumers, though.
Good luck!