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24-oct-2011, 18:06
Lose weight with me HUNGER STRIKE
HUNGER STRIKE, controlling weight, blood pressure and glucose
Thursday, November 3 at 10:00 - indefinite day
INDIA Embassy in Pio XII 32-34 MADRID SPAIN
created by
Juan Manuel Rojas Caballero, Facebook, Events
Hunger strike in protest at Indian Embassy to decreased physical aggression, 8 poor children deaf and 1200 by the Government of INDIA Haridwar www.afocam.es SportsKeedahttp: / / t.co / ayOaEoZ
भारतीय दूतावास में भूख विरोध में हड़ताल करने के लिए शारीरिक आक्रामकता की कमी हुई, 8 गरीब बच्चों को बहरा और भारत हरिद्वार www.afocam.es सरकार द्वारा SportsKeedahttp 1200: / / / t.co ayOaEoZ
HUNGER STRIKE on Spanish NGO Indian Embassy at Madrid in protest at the LACK of physical aggression to disable, 1200 poor children, 8 illegal deafamd apropiation of NGO Administration Haridwar India by land: www.afocam.es

Fighting in a non violence way is good, most of the times it means victory.Now on November 3rd i will be fighting against hunger and cold days but that makes me stronger when i fight in benefit of elders,younger and poors specialy those living in Africa (hunger) and East countries where cold is hard.To those who are suffering i dedicate my fight HOPE ALL THE BEST for my brothers in this planet
3rd november at Indian embassy Pio XII 32 MADRID SPAIN
GIVING is the way to be on heaven, you can give LOVE,UNDERSTAND,APRECIATION,MONEY etc etc JUST give and you will get something in return
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