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17-sep-2011, 20:15

Is anyone participating? I've just created my own blog and I want to try, even if it's going to be quite hard writing so often. Probably I'll run out of ideas halfway through...

22-sep-2011, 15:55
Good luck Ninlil, you're very brave -or maybe it's just that I'm just too lazy, I don't have a blog, but even if I had I wouldn't be part of this, too mucho work for me :o-.
For the last 2-3 years I always lurk a little, Vegan MoFo is a fantastic way of discovering blogs and enjoying some food porn, haha!

29-sep-2011, 20:15
Thanks CarrotRope! I'm also really interested in finding new blogs and new recipes and this is the best opportunity to do it! By the way, I love the term "food porn" :D

30-sep-2011, 10:58
So do I. The first time I read it I was kind of :confused:, but soon I agreed it was a good way to describe this passion of ours :p