Ver la versión completa : INDIA.SPANISH NGO LAND ILEGAL APROPIATION by indian government

23-mar-2011, 16:13
When someone come without permision to our sport ground,breaken 40photographs os Spanish researcher, cancel 1200 children program use violence to disable, this is what happened to us in January 2007. DM Mr. SUDANSU, sent six men to beat to floor spanish NGO Antonio, this government (HARIDWAR) is enemy of the village,the city, India ...and mankind. But we still LOVE INDIA.

04-abr-2011, 12:34
Founder of Spanish NGO on a Hunger Strike in India ! | SportsKeeda
Due to hunger strikes in INDIA i am now with Parkinson disiese and my friend Antonio with neurological problems,but we still LOVE INDIA and indians.See in Facebook ROJAS AND PADILLA HUNGER STRIKE SUPPORT. HARIDWAR government has taken ilegaly our registered land in Jagjetpur with phisical violence