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02-mar-2010, 07:49
Interesting website which includes a list of vegan make up and brushes:


02-mar-2010, 12:03
Thank you very much!.
I can add to that list, which seems to be based on what can be found in the U.S.A., that German companies such as Lavera, Logona and Santé don't test their products on animals, either. Lavera even has some vegan make-up products, such as mascara or foundation.
Here's another list I found of vegan products available in Ireland (very useful because it includes links to the vegan range of some of those companies, such as Lavera), some of them can be found in Spain, too:


And Essence Cosmetics, also sold in Spain, is also against animal testing:


I've just seen Everyday Minerals isn't included in the vegan brushes' list, as far as I know all of their brushes are vegan, and I've read in other boards, of very good quality: