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20-dic-2009, 19:22
Hey folks! If you ever go to Brighton - a nice town- there´s a heaven for vegans. Have a look at this. Enticing, ain´t it?

I cant wait to visit it, and don´t forget in this very same city you can stock up with vegan clothing at "vegetarian shoes". Gee, this Brighton definitely is vegan friendly!

Mad doctor
20-dic-2009, 19:52
WOW!! What a magical place you found!

21-dic-2009, 13:15
I was living in Brighton for two months as a student, several years ago, and I had the big pleasure to try some vegetarian meals there (I was not vegetarian yet but I wanted to). It's really an extraordinary place.
Nice web, thanks!

21-dic-2009, 13:43
Brighton is a nice place to live:nice, medium sized, lively, and with lots of vegetarian options. Cool!