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02-nov-2009, 09:04
Hello everybody :)

we're a vegan family and we have recently moved to Spain. we live near Barcelona with twin 2,5 year old boys. and we're looking for a kindergarten for them. are there any state kindergartens providing vegan menus? or do we have to sign them into the private ones? if so, could anybody recommend me any vegetarian/vegan kindergarten in Barcelona?
unfortunately my Spanish is still very bad, but you can answer in it - I'll understand;)

02-nov-2009, 10:00
Hi, Ajanna, welcome to Spain.
Mmmm, I doubt very much such a vegan kindergarten exists...Veganism in here is an alien notion, so it´s highly unlikely you´ll find something like this.
However, you should try to speak to the managers of the kindergarten -whether private or state- and let them know about your kid´s special dietary condition, and hopefully, they may adjust to it.
Good luck!

02-nov-2009, 16:41
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donde se habla de sitios con menú vegeta y q puede q se animen a adaptarlo a vegan

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09-nov-2009, 15:41
muchas gracias a todos :D. as far as I've understood the only kindergartens where you can have vegetarian menu are kindergartens in Exemple. what about other districts? as we plan to move this summer, I'd rather find the kindergarten first and then look for the flat next to it. but anyway I'll ask sb speaking Spanish to translate this article for me. thanks a lot once again:D