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07-oct-2009, 01:04
Two examples:

Loss Weigth

I know what you're thinking..."Is that the same guy?" Haha... hell ya!

Say hello to Chris. Over 2.5 years, with the help of his love Zoe, Chris went through the following transformation:

* Weight: 363lbs to 196 lbs
* Cholesterol: 324 to 97 US
* Blood Pressure: 184/50 to 120/80

That's just crazy, amazing and inspirational. Inspirational enough that Chris and Zoe found their calling and started coaching and educating people about the power of raw food. Check out their website purelyraw.com.

Here's a little excerpt from Chris's story:

I was sick a lot. That's what I remember now, when I think back on my health. I don't mean that I grew up in hospitals under constant care or made appearances at fund raisers for charity. My sickness was considered to be quite normal. It was just a fact of life, that I had to deal with.

I was overweight as a kid also. Only a little, 10 pounds or so. My Mom said I was just 'Husky'. Even though it wasn't much, in my head I remember, it defined me. I can't remember a time as a kid that I didn't hate myself for being fat.

After I settled down at 23, I began to gain about 10 pounds or so a year. I would try the latest fad diet, join a gym for a few months or buy a new fitness machine every once in a while. But my weight just kept climbing. This was no surprise to me at all. I had expected it to happen for as long as I can remember.

I developed severe Asthma, High Blood pressure and Hypertension. I checked my Blood sugar often, just waiting for the start of Diabetes. My bouts with colds and flu got worse and were normally accompanied by Pneumonia or at least Bronchitis.

At the age of 35, I was in bad shape. I weighed 26 stone (363 pounds). I began to have mysterious health scares, that would sometimes include a few days in the hospital with no diagnosis. I was also scheduled for a BPD/DS operation. (stomach surgery) Remember, I thought all this was normal. I wasn't even really concerned.

07-oct-2009, 01:08
To Gain Weigth

Abbey Cooked (before), Abbey Raw (after). Abbey, age 24, set out on a mission to gain weight the healthy way. She went from 90lbs to 100lbs in four months eating a raw food diet.

Check out Abbey's story: "How I Gained Weight -- Weight Gaining the Healthy Way!" http://web.archive.org/web/20050507174623/http://www.howigainedweight.com/abbey/intro.html

Note: Abbey's page is currently down. We are linking to the 2006 archived version of the page.

More Photos : http://www.welikeitraw.com/rawfood/raw-food-before-and-after-photos.html