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Me voy a fiar de lo q dirá esta gente, q parece maja, :D




Chrissie Hynde comes over all mealy-mouthed and timid (nah, just kidding).

IN 1978 rock legend Chrissie Hynde formed The Pretenders. With her trademark dark fringe, outspoken views and “anti-fashion” look, she’s remained the epitome of cool and set many a guy and girl’s heart racing for the past three decades. Nowadays she uses her celebrity platform to campaign for animal rights in her role as PETA spokeswoman, even going so far as to get herself arrested for the cause. She spoke with Katrina Fox.

When did you first become vegetarian?
In 1969, when I was 17. I had never met a vegetarian.

So what led you to it?
I follow an Indian Vedic philosophy in which the cow is a sacred animal. If you kill a cow, you will come back as a cow for as many lifetimes as the cow has hairs on her body. That’s a lot of suffering.

You said in an interview in 2004 that you are “not interested in gender issues”. What did you mean?
I have never thought in terms of female, gay, Jewish and so on. I think in terms of meat eater and non-meat eater – that’s how I see the world. So I can’t feature gender issues but that’s how I see things. What I say is, “I won’t eat you if you don’t eat me”, “I won’t kill you if you won’t kill me” – to me, that’s a nice fair way of getting through the world.

Are you disappointed that more musicians aren’t vegetarian, if not vegan?
I got into the game in the late ’70s and being a product of the ’60s I thought by now everyone in music would be more conscious than other people because we were cooler and living outside the box and in rock bands. I assumed all the hippies from the late ’60s … I thought everyone in music would be vegetarians. Not so. It’s real disappointing when I walk into a recording studio and some idiot walks in and says, “I’m going out to Burger King, does anyone want anything?” and I’m sitting there thinking, “yeah, I want you to fuck off”. But he’s our tape op, so I’m like, “Who are you people?” What I’ve noticed – and I’ve been in this rock band for almost 30 years – is that all my mates are on the outside, marginal elements of society because straight people and wealthy people are not very interesting. See, because I have a hippy mentality, straight to me doesn’t mean “not gay”, being straight means the Establishment. That’s why I don’t get into the gender thing.

As a celebrity, you get to stand up on a platform and speak about a good cause. How do you feel about that?
The unfortunate part is people look to celebrities for their answers because, dare I say, there are no spiritual leaders. So they think that idiots, because they’re on a magazine cover, might have some insight on how to live your life when really the only person who can live your life for you is you. People are natural born followers and imitators so they’ll imitate someone else doing something because they think that person must be cooler than they are. But our only real thing is our own self-realisation, which is a very personal path that everyone is on. On the other hand, when I was a cocktail waitress no one cared what I thought about things. So I can see the beauty of having the platform, but whether I want it or not is something else.

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Monique Steinhardt talks to VV about ‘that dear Dr Barnard’ and how he made
her a vegan. Interview: SB

MONIQUE STEINHARDT is 77 years old and a new vegan. Here’s how it happened. In early December of last year, Monique was listening to her usual classical FM radio station when she found herself riveted by the voice of vegan doctor Neal Barnard talking about his book The Reverse Diabetes Diet. In an interview with presenter Margaret Throsby, Dr Barnard laid out the facts about how a low-fat vegan diet can prevent and reverse diabetes, as well as other chronic disease.

Monique wanted to know more. Recently she had been experiencing a tingling in her lower legs and had been having attacks of dizziness for years. Many times she could not get up from her chair and had to crawl across the floor just to answer the phone. Her GP wanted her examined by a specialist to check that it wasn’t an indication of angina. Monique did a bit of detective work and tracked down Vegan Voice. I picked up the phone and the first thing Monique asked me was whether I could help her change to a vegan diet.

We had a long conversation during which Monique informed me that she used to be a vegetarian until her doctor advised her to add some red meat to her usual (huge) plate of steamed vegies for lunch. The doctor insisted red meat was needed for iron. Monique reluctantly added the meat but told me her doctor would have been horrified at the small quantities. Then, when Monique heard Dr Barnard say that iron could be easily obtained on a plant-based diet, she decided to investigate. That’s when she called VV. “Why haven’t we been made aware that we can do without meat?” she asked me. “Why isn’t it common knowledge?”

Why indeed.

Monique went shopping the next day for soy milk, tofu and tempeh. I told her that if she didn’t like them she didn’t have to eat them and that there were many alternatives. “Yes, that lovely Dr Barnard said there was plenty of protein in plant foods,” she told me.
She then chose to swap her usual breakfast cereal for organic wheat biscuits and rolled oats, replaced cow’s milk with soy and swapped her animal margarine for Nuttelex (I warned her to be sparing with it as it was still high in fat and she should eat low fat for maximum benefit).

Monique’s previous diet was very simple and fairly healthy, so she was not a difficult person to convince. (Dr Barnard had already done that.) She loved fruit and veggies and did not want to eat meat or dairy. Easy. She told me she had always adored animals and could not bear the thought of them being hurt. “That’s been my worry all my life,” she said. “That’s why I’ve been a vegetarian for many years.”

You can read the rest of these interviews in the March-May issue of Vegan Voice.

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Me voy a fiar de lo q dirá esta gente, q parece maja, :D

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