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09-abr-2009, 19:12
Hi Dears,
I will be at Bristol vegan fayre 2009.
And maybe, some of you, want to know more ones there.
Enjoy mates!!

03-ago-2012, 12:23
I'm 3 years late!!! I'm always late!!

03-ago-2012, 13:15
Cada año se hace, hacia finales de primavera o principios de verano./Each year is made, in late spring or early summer.

03-ago-2012, 14:17
Tomorrow Taunton vegan fair:


From 11 to 3, in Taunton, Somerset.

04-ago-2012, 16:57
Just arrived from Taunton, it was amazing. Got there with a vegan family, two grown up girls, none of them vaccinated. At the fair I met someone who was vegan since birth and who doesn't take any suplement. His son was with him and they all looked really healthy. Need to say they have always organic food, which is very important if you are not taking suplements. I'm not encouraging anyone of doing anything! I just like thinking...
The fair was full of people, mostly, maybe, because there was free food. Lovely dishes, even they were doing the tipical English breakfast (which I'm not very keen in, cause I don't eat tofu).
Next one is Bristol, maybe I'll see some of you there...


05-ago-2012, 01:13
I heard about it but couldn't make it, I was working :/ When is the next one?

05-ago-2012, 12:11
Apparently there is one in Bristol next 18th. It'll be just 2 tables, like a car boot sale.
Let you know when I receive all the information.

03-sep-2012, 00:08
Oh! I'll go to Bristol in November!

My English is a shit but I think that I can practise here, in this forum with somebody.