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Vegan Peace

Vegan Peace is about striving towards peacefully sharing our Earth.

Photo of Ramsey and me taken at Farm Sanctuary.

This website hopes to play a small role in inspiring people to strive towards a more peaceful world. We can all play a part in lessening the suffering so many people and animals go through every day. The problems are big, but that shouldn't discourage us. Every positive change to someone's life, however small, is a step in the right direction. We should never allow ourselves to become either desensitized or to dismiss suffering which is often not in our view. We should never feel that trying to make the world a better place is beyond our reach.

Photo of turkeys and me taken at Farm Sanctuary.

Vegan Peace believes that we all have a right to a decent life. No one should have to go through a life of suffering and no one should have to die before their time. We should all be allowed to make our own choices in life as long as they don't cause suffering to anyone else. All that is needed to reach this wonderful goal is just a little bit of caring. As we get lost in complex discussions about laws, rights, Bible passages and hierarchy, we often forget the simple notion of caring.

About Me

Photo of sheep and me taken at Farm Sanctuary.

Vegan Peace is run by me, Wanda Embar. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, have lived several years in France and currently live in Wisconsin, U.S.A. I became vegan in 1990 after reading about the suffering dairy cows go through in order to produce milk for human beings to drink. Veganism means a lot to me, because it is about limiting the suffering we ourselves cause to animals. It is something we have a lot of control over.

Photo of piglets and me taken at Farm Sanctuary.

I've also gotten more involved in issues like sweatshops. It was very shocking to me to find out how badly we treat our fellow humans in order to produce products as cheaply as possible. You can read more about sweatshops on my Sweatshops and Child Labor pages. Other issues close to my heart and covered on this website are gun control, parenting and organic agriculture.

Wanda Embar
Vegan Peace

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Thanx for the link, Snickers, I didn't know that webpage.