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19-ene-2007, 19:33
Un estudio interesante sobre la taurina en la dieta vegana:

The results of the present study indicate that the plasma taurine concentrations in the vegans were significantly reduced to 78% of control values. Urinary taurine was reduced in the vegans to only 29% of control values...

These findings suggest there may be a nutritional need for taurine and that plasma levels and urinary excretion fall with chronically low taurine intakes. Possibly the diet of the vegans was low in metabolic substrates or in cofactors for taurine synthesis...

Although taurine is synthesized in humans, the current study suggests that the rate of synthesis is inadequate to maintain normal plasma taurine concentrations in the presence of chronically low taurine intakes. It is possible that a higher cysteine intake could increase taurine synthesis in the vegans...

Long-term adherence to a strict vegetarian diet may lead to clinical manifestations of taurine deficiency.

Sturman et al. [1984], Laidlaw et al. [1988] report that neonatal primates developed abnormal eye function after being fed a taurine-free diet.

20-ene-2007, 13:28
Interesante, quizá pudieras ofrecer más información sobre ese estudio, quién lo hizo y cuándo.
Eso sí, los reportes mencionados abajo datan de 20 años o más.